No Grit, No Pearl

Born and raised in Kentucky by my southern Baptist parents. I was lavished with love and a big dose of biblical principles that kept me out of too much trouble.  This upbringing kept my guilt level at 100%.  Nothing my therapist can’t help me fix. I'm married and have a pretty 14 year old daughter and a handsome 13 year old son. We live in suburbia with our dog who pees when the doorbell rings. You should probably also know I’m a horrible person. In fact, if I don’t keep myself in check I can easily fall into being self-absorbed by stressing over every calorie and counting every minute of exercise then whining over how fat I look in knit tops. When I was about 8 years old I stole $3 from my friend’s piggy bank while I was visiting her house. Many years later I admitted it to her and she forgave me while laughing, but it still counts. In addition to being a vain thief I’ve also lied, cheated, drank too much, been ungrateful, manipulated, been judgmental and held grudges. I’ve followed the crowd. When they jumped off bridges so did I. In general, being a rotten person is not a hard job for me as you might assume by now. I’d like to think I’ve gained some wisdom from all this. Sort of odd how one can gain clarity in life only after those bad decisions and learning the hard way. No grit, no pearl kind of thing I suppose. I’ll tell you what I know.


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Amanda Waggener


20.11.2015 23:15

molly hoeppner

Thanks for the bio.

11.11.2015 03:03


I just read your piece on unfriending your daughter . As the mother of 3 daughters , I so related to you. My girls are now 28, 32, 36 ! Iam so happy we stuck to our beliefs and values

10.11.2015 23:40

Susan Logan

You are beautiful inside and out. Love you! XXOO

10.11.2015 23:35

Nedra Buckman

Still love ya. I know you are a very kind and caring person-a great mom

10.11.2015 20:21


You are amazing !

10.11.2015 19:27


I love and miss you, Amanda!

09.11.2015 20:06


This hit home not only for mother daughter but for son also. We all go through this but I could never put it all so well.

09.11.2015 19:42


I love your down to earth observations . You speak what every mother feels

09.11.2015 01:40



11.11.2015 15:22

Amanda Waggener

Posting one about my son today! Follow my Facebook page, "No Grit No Pearl" for updates.

07.11.2015 12:08


Love your blog!

07.11.2015 05:26


Please add me to your list. I love to read them that my friend forwards.

10.11.2015 19:45

Amanda Waggener

Follow me on my FB page "No Grit No Pearl" for future posts! Thanks for reading Cheryl.

06.11.2015 23:38

Gerry Blumberg

Please add me.

06.11.2015 18:53

Nancy Maynard

Please add me to your e-mail list .

06.11.2015 16:40


Please add me to your email list.

05.11.2015 15:19


Great stuff! I'm the General Manager of and would love to re-publish this & share with our 750,000 Facebook fans (

05.11.2015 16:17

Amanda Waggener

Kathy, please email me at and we can discuss. Thanks!

03.11.2015 00:46

Rae Lynn Duffy

I want to thank you for your Unfriended letter. My 20 year old daughter sent it to me in a text today and said she thought of me when she read it. She is now a junior in college.

31.10.2015 19:20


Good for you..She will thank you eventually.
That may take a long time..but it is better than the easy way where she never grows up and is still behaving like a 14 yr old at 35.

31.10.2015 15:59

Jenny Rapson

Hi Amanda! I am the editor of & I would love to re-publish "Unfriended" on our site with full credit to you as author. Can you email me so we can discuss? Thanks!

31.10.2015 09:25

Deni Sutherland

Boys are way easier....

01.11.2015 02:51



30.10.2015 19:57


One, huge, question? I absolutely love Unfriended, but desperately need it for my 14 year old SON. I don't suppose you have any sons where you could pen much of those similar thoughts?

30.10.2015 19:02

Ad Huffman


30.10.2015 15:30

Judy Jennings

I think you are fabulous

30.10.2015 13:30


This is so good. I remember telling my daughter this very thing. And now, she is posting your blog on her facebook page as she tackles raising a 4 going on 14 girl herself. Moms unite!

30.10.2015 11:55


This is awesome told my daughter the same thing. Know we are best friends and she gets it👍🏻

30.10.2015 08:00

A former hell teenager who is very successful now

Give your kid a goddamned break. Being 14 in today's day and age is tough. Give her some space to figure it out. Don't just give up on her, we all need to make our own experiences. It will be all good

30.10.2015 08:29


She isn't giving up on her daughter you foul mouthed ass. She is letting her know the difference between mother and friend. She needs a mother right now more than a friend.

30.10.2015 06:55


Ms Waggener, you are spot right on; parents do their kids a huge disservice, trying to be friends.

29.10.2015 16:33

Maya Harrison

Hi. Love the title "No Grit,No Pearl" If you need advice on career, teen parenting: Author of the forthcoming book, "How To Transform Childlike Adults"

29.10.2015 15:43


AWESOME post! My strong willed daughter is now almost 25, married, and my very best friend. You'll get there, too! (Faster than you know!)

29.10.2015 15:35


As the mom of a precious strong willed four year old daughter, your Unfriended blog post today hit home, I see my future in it! Your bio is great too, I think you are probably my soul mate

29.10.2015 13:04


You truly covered the characteristics of adolescence. As a career high school teacher and administrator, I can tell you it will get better. Thank you for being the "active" parent and mom.

29.10.2015 04:40


Great articles thanks

28.10.2015 17:59


I love your Unfriended blog. This will help many parents who are faced with this monumental task of being parents not friends. Well done!

28.10.2015 05:10


There is the other side of the teens, I promise, and you will have a great friend. My daughter is 23 and the article sounds like her!! We are friends and I love it now!!!

26.10.2015 19:20


Absolutely love the Unfriended blog. I have a 14 year old daughter and every word of that was true. Thanks for giving me a good laugh today!

17.07.2015 03:35


We are created in His image, but as it shows in the bible... We all fall short in some shape or form. The good thing He still loves us. Owning our mistakes and flaws is not always easy, but freeing!😘

02.01.2015 17:49

Amy Simpson

Great stuff.

01.01.2015 22:27


) Thank you Amanda for this and your other shadows that are evaporated as you shine God's light upon them. Blessed by your writings.

18.11.2014 15:30

Meg Farmer

Good stuff there, Amanda. You are going to put your therapist out if a job as you graduate and pass it in. Double whammy!

18.11.2014 06:05


This is Great Mandy

29.10.2014 15:31

Sandy Ruppel Hatton

This is great! Love it!

17.10.2014 21:57


You always humor me, and I hope I can grow with you..I am along for the ride.

15.10.2014 21:28

Teresia Husk

Proud of you, baby girl!

15.10.2014 13:28

Dawn Bowman

Love your honesty. Looking forward to your next update!

15.10.2014 11:59


Awesome blog...can't wait to read more.

14.10.2014 15:15

Amy Simpson

Love this.

14.10.2014 13:35


Thanks so much everyone for all the encouraging words!

14.10.2014 09:25

Jen P

Tell it how it is girl!

14.10.2014 06:05

Jerry Waggener

I think I'll stick around for a while. You make for interesting reading. And like you I "quit" my real job February 29, 1984. I'm really anxious to view the family Tree when you are finished.

14.10.2014 03:46

Shannon Moore

Love love love your personality, always have! You totally should write a book! It would be the number one best selling novel! Way to go! Can't wait for more!

14.10.2014 03:11

Joey Davenport

That was great!

14.10.2014 02:59

Missy P

Love it! Looking forward to more! :)

14.10.2014 02:07


I hate Siri. "If the rest are this good"

14.10.2014 02:05

Steve Treece

If the rest of my day is good. I think you're going to get a lot of readers.. One at least.

14.10.2014 01:47

Tabatha W.

Can't wait I read more! I'm sure I can relate to a lot of what you have to say. :)

14.10.2014 01:30

Tracy Martin

Very relatable... Excited to see what is to come from No Grit, No Pearl! Miss you lovely KY ladies!

14.10.2014 01:12

Carrie B.

I am so excited to be following you! I AM mad you haven't called me to tell me you QUIT! I also LOVE your saying...No grit, no pearl. Never heard it before but I'm totally adopting it! Love you!

14.10.2014 00:42


Thanks for sharing! Love this my beautiful friend! I see another one of your creativities is writing! Great job!

14.10.2014 00:38

Kelly Brocato

You have always had a way with words! Look forward to reading more. Love you!

14.10.2014 00:38

Chandra bertolini

Love it Amanda!!

14.10.2014 00:31


You are a beautiful and amazing woman inside and out. We all have flaws. Isn't it great that God doesn't hold them against us? I'm excited that you are writing this blog! Good luck!

14.10.2014 00:29

Lora Lee Floyd

Congratulations on the domestic engineer!! I love my job but that makes me a jealous person. I'm looking forward to more.

14.10.2014 00:25

Taylor Tompkins

I think this is cool also! Takes courage to put yourself out there. Way to go!

13.10.2014 03:26


So proud of you for finally taking the plunge! I love you and your creative writing ability.